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Los Crestones Lodge

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

“Exceeded expectations. First class in all areas. What memories are made of…!”

Craig M.


“Most elgant hunting experience of my life. Most productive too!”

Richard E.


“Great Experience! Argentina is truly the most fascinating place to hunt ducks in the world!! God bless the country and the wonderful people at Los Crestones who make it all possible.”

Rudy V.


“We enjoyed very much our stay and hope to come back soon. Guides were outstanding!”

Ray T.


"I have hunted all over Argentina and Uruguay...Los Crestones is a completely unique place offering a completely unitque hunting experience.  The duck and perdiz hunting is superb, and the dog work is as good as I've seen anywhere.  Sebastian and the rest of the staff are incredible.  Can't wait to get back to Los Crestons!"

David B.


"I was amazed that such an incredible hunting lodge was located so close to Buenos Aires, no additional flights and no long drive to get there. I had one of the best duck hunts of all time and the perdiz hunting was very good was well..great dog work! Sebastian was a gracious host and his staff left nothing to be desired during my group's visit. I could not believe how incredible the food was at Los Crestones! Looking forward to my next trip."

Wyatt M.



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Building on our tradition of excellence, the David Denies Wingshooting family is proud to announce the addition of an exciting new hunting property for the 2011 hunting season.

Located in the Province of Buenos Aires, just 85 minutes from the Ezeiza International airport, Los Crestones Lodge, was named for the Rosy Billed Pocahrd-Argentina’s most distinctive and sought-after duck. Set in a mature parkland and surrounded by fertile countryside, Los Crestones will offer discerning guests a combination of decoying ducks followed by perdiz over dogs.

For those who appreciate shooting behind a well trained dog, Los Crestones is special. Your host, Claudio Villalba, has been breeding and training pedigreed sporting dogs for 25 years, and they are a joy to see in the fields and in the marshes.

On duck hunts, you will be accompanied by a team of well mannered Retrievers, making sure that lightly hit birds are recovered. The perdiz (a prized Argentine game bird) will be shot over German Short-Hairs and English Pointers. Watching them work is a joy in itself.

The lodge is a classic Argentinean estancia, which has been recently refurbished and possesses all the comfort and style you would expect of a David Denies property. Guests will sleep in one of  6 single bedrooms, each with a private bathroom. In the evening, exquisite meals and fine Argentine wines will be enjoyed in the dining room.  

At Los Crestones we believe we have created a unique opportunity– a wild mixed bag hunt, supported by a great staff and great working dogs, all within a short drive of the international airport. Add a couple days to your next shooting holiday, business trip or family visit to Argentina-you won’t be disappointed.  

The Shooting


  • In the mornings, you will be hunting ducks over decoys in nearby ponds

  • Guests will depart the lodge in the dark, but after a hearty breakfast, with everything from waffles to eggs benedict.

  • Hunters are placed in double blinds, or large  sunken "buckets" of the style of an individual pit blind, or on platform-pallet blinds.

  • Each pair of hunters will be accompanied by a guide with a Retriever, making  sure that 100% of birds are collected each hunt.

  • Most days hunters will return to the lodge for lunch and a siesta  before heading out again

  • Some afternoons, you will be shooting Perdiz in the rich pastures near the  lodge.

  • Our experienced guides will work with their team of pointers to provide you with the best possible sport. We will use mostly German SH & E.Pointers. But we might use Vizlas and Brittanys as well.

  • Other afternoons, you will enjoy more duck hunting or when available Wild Pigeon Hunting over decoys or low volume dove shooting.


The Lodging Experience


  • Capacity: 6 guns

  • Rooms: 6 singles with private bathroom

  • Dining room, sitting room, bar, game room, swimming pool, sauna,  gun cleaning table and facilities

  • Internet access and satellite TV

  • Gourmet dining with Argentina's famed beef and fine wines, traditional asados (BBQ) and delicious desserts

  • Maid and laundry service

  • Masseuse

  • Gift shop offers local artwork and crafts, logo wear and accessories

  • First class professional hunting guides

  • Horseback riding (optional), Polo Lessons




  • Los Crestones is located near General Belgrano in the province of Buenos Aires, 140 Kilometers from Buenos Aires.  The lodge is 1hr 15mins from Ezeiza Aiport, over good roads and through beautiful rural country.