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David Denies Dove Hunting

David Denies was the first outfitter in Cordoba over 20 years ago, and he virtually pioneered high volume dove shooting in the region, putting his flag into the ground and declaring the area the Dove Shooting Capital of the World. Since those first years, the David Denies Company has refined dove shooting, setting a new standard for service in our lodges, and in the field. These standards have also been applied to our duck, pigeon, and mixed-bag lodges in Argentina and in Uruguay.

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La Dormida Lodge

Dove Shooting - Cordoba, Argentina

The best dove shooting in the World, coupled with the best accommodations. We set out to build the finest dove shooting lodge that could be imagined. Come and tell us if you think we got it right.

Jacana Lodge

La Montaraz Lodge

Pica Zuro Lodge

Los Crestones Lodge

San Juan Lodge

Duck, Dove & Perdiz - Paysandu, Uruguay

A true mixed bag: ducks, doves and perdiz over pointing dogs in friendly Uruguay. They are all here in a strategically located Uruguayan estancia; lots of birds, short drives and the same top level service and shooting you’d expect from David Denies.

Duck Hunting - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Duck & Perdiz - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Pigeon Shooting - Cordoba, Argentina

Dove Shooting - Cordoba, Argentina

Doves as far as the eye can see... Come and see what the fuss is about! Un-paralleled luxury and comfort from which to enjoy the mind blowing shooting. Live like royalty in the dove-shooter's kingdom.

Duck shooting done right, obedient retrievers and expert guides, plus perdiz over well trained pointers. Single rooms and small parties are the rule… only 85 minutes from the city or airport.

The most exclusive pigeon hunting lodge in Córdoba. This historical property is an architectural treasure with its own productive vineyard. Decoyed Pigeons are a specialty here, along with very short drives within a 50 square mile radius from the lodge.

An Argentine duck hunting experience in an authentic, yet luxurious, estancia. We designed Jacana after The Greatest Duck Clubs in North America. Then added a lot more ducks.

Contact - David Z. Bodai

Phone - 512-534-0102 (US Direct)

Email - info@customsporting.com

Web - www.sawingshooting.info

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